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UPVC/PVC Window Door Making Machinery Four Head Seamless Welding Machine

  • Product description: Four Heads Seamless Welding Machine PVC Window Welding Machine PVC Window Making Machine


This machine is our Patent product.

  1. Variable angle welding between 30 to 180 degree on last head.
  2. Specialized for V-welding, cross welding easily, avoid complicated adjustment.
  3. Turrets realize auto change V-welding position for different mullions. 
  4. Imported square bearing system guarantee clamping, heating plate, locating plate moving precision& reliable performance.  
  5. The upper and down movement of the heating plate adopts the linear slide movement machinery. The welding heating is the upper and lower double heating plate device. The upper and lower movement welding method ensures the smooth movement precision of the welding plate up and down.
  6. The operation of the local pressure clamp use high-precision imported square rail to ensure the linearity and smoothness of welding
  7. The machine is equipped with color touch screen and equipped with a unique head locking mechanism, tight locking effect,Long-time use is not be damaged.
  8. One head with welding any angle of the function, to meet the user's welding arc window and other special-shaped doors and windows requirements
  9. Can adjust the PLC parameters, according to different profiles easy to adjust the data.
  10. Used for colorful profiles
  11. Two hand safety operation
  12. Pneumatic brake device
  13. Has two modes: can choose seamless mode or with seam mode, very convenient
  14. Welding height:180mm
  15.  Each head has two mode: seam mode and seamlee mode for choice
  16.  Imported parts brands

Technical Data
Model KSH-4-5000
Input voltage 220V 50Hz or customer specification
Input power 7kw
Air pressure 0.5-0.8MPa
Air consumption 260L /min
Welding range 370-4500mm
Welding height 180mm
Welding width ≤120mm
Welding mullion width ≤110mm
Overall dimension 5850x1300x1785(mm)
Weight 2600kg
Humidity <80% (no dew)
Temperature -5~+40
Welding methods Weld window frame
Weld window-support
Weld from free angle
Weld from 180 angle
Weld profile materials of different heights

Main accessory:
• PLC Omron
• Cylinder JPC(FESTO Joint Venture Brand)
• Air Filter Device STNC
• Electrical Button and Switcher Schneider
• AC Contactor and Circuit Breaker Schneider
• Approach Switcher Swiss CONTRINEX or Japan Omron
• Linear bearing system Linear (South Korean brand)
• Square bearing system Linear (South Korean brand)
• Temperature Controller Japan Omron

Standard accessory:
• Heating Plate 4pcs
• Teflon Cloth several
• Complete tooling 1set
• Certificate 1pc
 • Operation Manual 1pc


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Add: Donguan Industry Park, Jiyang District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

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