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Glass machinery industry and glass market have grown for eight consecutive years

The GIMAV Research Center publishes official data on the glass machinery industry and glass products which shows the market has grown for eight consecutive years.

This is the eighth year of continuous growth, and exports continue to rise. Under the stimulus of Industry 4.0 program, the domestic market indices has also been improved. The industry is growing. Since 2009, the domestic and international economic downturn has generated for us. The impact has now disappeared which is enough to inspire people.” Laura Biason, Chairman of GIMAV and a member of the Confindustria Association, told us. (The Confindustria Association consists of Italian flat and insulating glass processing machinery, systems, special products and accessories manufacturers).

According to the latest data from the Italian glass machinery industry, compared with 2016, the total sales of the Italian glass machinery industry has increased by 4%, flat glass has increased by 4.9%, insulating glass has increased by 2.4%, and domestic sales have increased by 4.5%.

Affected by these trends, the labor force also increased by 4.7%, and the overall trade balance increased by nearly 1.15 billion US dollars, equivalent to 984 million euros, an increase of 3.9% over the previous year.

Exports remain a top priority for the Italian glass machinery industry. The average export volume in 2017 accounted for 78.7% of total sales. Specifically, insulating glass is an export highlight, with exports accounting for 84% of total sales, or nearly $444 million, or about 379 million euros. The export of flat glass reached another milestone. The export volume increased from 75.3% in 2016 to 75.7%, and the export volume exceeded 811 million US dollars, or about 692 million euros.

The European market ranks first with 40% of total exports. The United States maintains its status as an importing power with absolute advantage, followed by France, India, Mexico and China.

The Central American and South American markets have once again seen a strong recovery, currently accounting for nearly 12% of global glass sales (up 59.2% from 2016). Brazil and Argentina together account for 7% of global sales.

The market for Italian glass processing machinery was ranked in the EU, Asia (47.76% more than 2016), the North American Free Trade Zone, the European market outside the EU, Central and South America (up 14.04% over last year), Oceania and Africa.

Although exports to North America have declined, they still account for 19.41% of global sales, while exports to Oceania continue to grow.

The top five destination countries for Italian flat glass are the United States, Germany, China, India and the United Kingdom.

The export volume of insulating glass increased by 1.2% compared with last year, France once again became the largest importer, while Mexico fell to second place. Poland, India, Thailand and Argentina have risen, but Japan is the most significant growth. Since 2016, Japan's ranking of insulating glass importers in Italy has risen from 29th to 11th, and accounts for 3.41% of global exports. Iran and Spain also appeared in the top 15 this year.

From the data analysis, the results are optimistic,” Ms. Biason added. “The opportunities offered by the Industry 4.0 program and the actual increase in domestic orders prove that this positive result is real. Economic development on April 30, 2017. The implementation of the stimulus policy has been delayed, which has a negative impact on the Italian market. Therefore, we feel that these incentives should be implemented permanently, or a more strategic and sufficient time period according to the production plan, rather than annual Adjustments. If we want to increase the competitiveness of the Italian industrial system and the glass supply chain, surpass foreign competitors and attract our current major customers, then the solution just mentioned will enable the company to start a major, sustainable modernization and digital strategy. ”

Ms. Biason then looked to the market in the second half of 2018.

Ms. Biason pointed out: "From the perspective of overall market research, the industry outlook is optimistic: 93.55% of the companies surveyed predict that sales in foreign markets will increase further in 2018, while 78% expect domestic sales to increase."

Sales forecasts for the European market outside the EU and the EU are also optimistic, both of which will grow or maintain the status quo. Confidence in the Russian market is also increasing. As the market recovers, the number of companies forecasting a decline in sales is decreasing, and the market seems to be growing at a rate of 14.71%.

North American and Middle Eastern markets will show steady or growth; despite the economic downturn, sales expectations in Central and South America have improved significantly, from a predicted decline of 21% to 8.8%, and the number of companies recovering from the market is expected to increase to 41%. .


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