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PVC Cutting Saw Blade-350MM

  • PVC Cutting Saw Blade-350MM
  • PVC Profile Cutting Saw Blade
  • PVC Cutting tool
  • cutting saw pvc blade
  • Product description: PVC Cutting Saw Blade-350MM

PVC Cutting Saw Blade-350x30x120

Diameter: 350mm

Teeth:120 Pieces

Inner Hole Diameter: 30mm

Rotating Speed: Max. 5500 RPM

Quality: Premium Carbide Tipped

Warranty time: 2 years

Llife time: accoridng to your working time every shift


Contact: Ms. Sherry

Phone: 86-13854183016

Tel: 86-531-87919020


Add: Donguan Industry Park, Jiyang District, Jinan City, Shandong Province, China

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