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Welding Cloth

  • upvc window Welding Cloth
  • Welding Cloth
  • window welding cloth
  • Product description: upvc window Welding Cloth

Size: width 12.5cm,length 10meters  Thickness: 0.18mm

Temperature tolerance range: 300℃
Material: High quality anti-adhesive composite


1.  When using the welding cloth, it is best to wait for the temperature of the heating plate to rise to about 100 degrees and then stick the cloth so that the soldering cloth is not easy to fall and the bonding is smooth.

2.   Stick it smooth, please pierce with a needle when there is a bubble, then press to be smooth

3.    After using for a period of time, the surface of the welding slag can be worn with

protective gloves and wipe with a damp cloth

4.    When replacing the welding cloth, clean off the residual glue of the welding board.


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